Kapi Limited is a manufacturer and formulator of mosquito repellent products and insecticides. We formulate with pyrethrum and also formulate with synthetic pyrethroids.

Kapi Limited has been manufacturing and formulating since 1964 and we have been contract manufacturing and exporting since the early 1970’s.

We are proud to work with some of the top worldwide household names.



We are a top class formulator and manufacturer of pyrethrum based products, and we contract manufacture for a number of overseas customers. Whilst we can contract manufacture a very wide range of products and formulations, the most popular are detailed below:

Pyrethrum Based Mosquito Coils with Natural Pyrethrum

We contract manufacture 11 inch pyrethrum based mosquito coils with a minimum burning time of 7 hours using only natural ingredients (excepting the dye and perfume which is to client specification). Our mosquito coils are unique, using a high proportion of pyrethrum marc together with natural pyrethrum. We also use softwood powder and coffee husk and bind with tabu powder and corn starch. The final product is a premier coil using natural pyrethrum as the insecticidal active. Our coils are quality tested for burning and strength and each batch has a certificate of analysis showing the pyrethrum content, burning time and weight.

The most popular coil for contract manufacture and export is with 0.3% pyrethrum, and we can provide studies showing Knock Down rates at this level. We also manufacture coils at 0.6% for super efficacy.

We manufacture the coil to client specification, including the finished colour, fragrance (if any), number of stands per box, printing and packaging.

As the world continues to move towards natural product solutions, the demand for products using natural pyrethrum will continue to grow. Natural pyrethrum products are sold at a premium in Europe and North America. As the premium manufacturer of pyrethrum based coils in the world, we contract manufacture for household names such as Johnson OFF!, DOOM, and US 622.

Contract Manufacture


Rungu Coils Synthentic Pyrethroid Mosquito Coils

Mosquito Coils With Pyrethroids

We also contract manufacture mosquito coils using synthetic pyrethroids as the active.

As standard, we use d-allethrin as the active, however we can manufacture mosquito coils using the active ingredient of your choice.

Currently we contract manufacture d-allethrin coils at 0.1%, 0.15% and 0.2%. We are able to manufacture the coils to your colour and perfume specifications as well as your active specification.

All our coils are 11 cm diameter with a burning time of between 7 and 8 hours.

Pyrethrum Based Mosquito Sticks

Pyrethrum Based Mosquito Sticks

These continue to grow in popularity, particularly in Europe. Our standard stick is 11inches with a burning time of 1 to 1.5 hours dependent on thickness.


Pyrethrum Formulations

We contract manufacture a range of pyrethrum formulations for overseas customers.

We use 50% sale refuned pyrethrum extract from Kenya in our pyrethrum formulations.



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