Public Health Insecticides

Our public health insecticides all use natural pyrethrum as the active ingredient. Very low mammalian toxicity combined with limited residue make it ideal for public health applications

Pyrethrum is a broad spectrum natural insecticide with a short residual activity. It has a quick knock down effect against a broad spectrum of flying and crawling insects including mosquitoes, cockroaches ants. For Indoor Public Health use, pyrethrum products are strongly recommended for the following reasons:

  • Low Mammalian Toxicity: Pyrethrum has a long record of safety for use in areas occupied by humans and warm blooded animals. Being esters they are rapidly hydrolysed to harmless products in the gut of animals and are subsequently excreted.
  • Short Residual Activity: Pyrethrum is quickly broken down by sunlight therefore a limited time span of low mammalian toxicity usually associated with certain other classes of persistent insecticides.
  • Allowed in Sensitive Areas: Because it has a low toxicity profile for humans and mammals and a short residual activity, pyrethrum can be used in areas that other insecticide options cannot, such as hospitals, schools, commercial kitchens, old people's homes, care homes etc.
  • 100% natural active.
  • Rapid action/Acts Quickly: pyrethrum has a constant insecticide which affects the nervous system of insects almost instantly triggering a chain of reactions leading to the death of insects.
  • Knockdown and Death: In affecting the nervous system pyrethrum causes paralysis which results in knock down and subsequent death
  • Flushes and Excites: Pyrethrum 'flushes out' hidden insects (mosquitoes in curtains etc) and into contact with the Pyrethrins.
  • Repellency: Pyrethrum is a powerful insect and tick repellant and in combination with its low mammalian toxicity favours its conclusion in many formulations.
  • Broad Spectrum of activity: Pyrethrum can be specially targeted to eliminate different insect pests in different environments.
  • Lack of insect Immunity: Unlike in many synthetic pyrethroids, insect resistance to pyrethrum is not a practical problem.


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