Combat Solo

Combat Mosquito Coils

have just been made better. COMBAT SOLO MOSQUITO COILS are individually packed Combat coils to ensure you continue to enjoy the best coils with a guarantee that your coil is always fresh from the packet. Also, buying one coil at a time is easier to find the money! COMBAT SOLO have been increasingly popular in the urban regions especially in Nairobi over the last one month of their launch.

At Kapi Limited, we are always looking for ways to improve on both quality and packaging of our products in order to ensure our customers continue to get the best quality products at the best possible price. For this reason, Kapi Limited invested heavily in Mosquito coils production in the past year. We have introduced two brand new, state-of-the-art mosquito making and packing machines in order to guarantee that the quality of your Coils is always excellent and the packaging is neat and of the best standard.

The introduction of Combat Solo into the market was informed by the great success Flower Moja kwa Moja (Flower Coils that are individually packed) has had at the Coast. We felt that the rest of the country also needed to share this success.

Combat coils have been offering Kenyans outstanding protection from mosquitoes and other airborne insects for over a decade now. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor use and burn continuously for more than 7 hours.

Please remember that Mosquito coils are a fire risk. Keep it away from flammable materials-particularly indoors. Also ensure the coil is placed well on the stand to avoid it falling over.

Combat mosquito coils are proudly made in Kenya, for Kenyans by Kenyans. BUY KENYA BUILD KENYA.

Please visit any shop near you and support us in the battle against malaria and other mosquito borne diseases.

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