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Eco Fog 100 Organic Agricultural Warehouse Fumigant


This is a 100% natural contact insecticide for fogging or spraying of storage warehouses and containers for agricultural products. Natural Pyrethrum is the Active Ingredient (A.I.) at 0.5% w/w

EcoFog 100 is supplied as a Ready to Use (RtU) formulation. It is oil based so that droplets are ultra fine and remain airborne for the longest time possible.

Application should be by Cold Fogging (using a ULV Fogger)

EcoFog100 has been specifically formulated for storage warehouses and containers for cocoa crop with excellent control of Tribolium castaneum, Cryptolestes ferrugineus, Ephestia cautella and Lasioderma serricorne as well as other warehouse pests

EcoFog 100 offers the following benefits:

  • Very good efficacy on a wide spectrum of warehouse insects/pests
  • Zero residues imparted into the storage crop. Ideal for export crop needing to conform to M.R.L.’s
  • Low mammalian/human toxicity
  • Suitable for organic crops


Application rates are 1.5ml to 2ml per cubic metre of warehouse space.

For extreme infestation apply 2.5ml per cubic metre.

EcoFog 100 is manufactured and distributed by Kapi Limited, Kenya.

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