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Kapi Limited is a manufacturer of world class pyrethrum products.

We manufacture, and contract manufacture are range of pyrethrum products for use in the home and outdoors, for public health applications and for agricultural applications

Pyrethrum is an exciting an unique molecule. It is a natural insecticide and it leaves no chemical residues so it is ideal for application on vegetables, salads, fruits, nuts, herbs (in fact anything that we humans grow and eat!). It is equally ideal for use in the home and for public health spraying of warehouses, hospitals, ¬†schools, homes, offices, food preparation areas, halls of residence, dormitories (all places where humans eat, sleep or play). Pyrethrum has very low toxicity for humans. It has no residue. It’s safe and it’s natural!

We have a good portfolio of laboratory dossier material to support registration of a range of our pyrethrum products in new countries. Contact us for further information

A number of our products are or will be EcoCertified by EcoCert. This certifies that our products are suitable for use in Organic Farming or for public health application on organic products (warehouse spraying for example)

We believe our products are of very high quality at sensible prices. We don’t have crazy overheads and this is reflected in our pricing.