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Flower DS 4 EC Biopesticide



A 100% natural contact insecticide made with natural pyrethrum.

Flower DS 4EC is suitable for use in Organic Agriculture conforming to Regulations n° 834/2007 and 889/2008  – Inspected by ECOCERT SA   F – 32600

We are also pleased to advise that as from July 2021 – the MPS Group has re-evaluated the active substances ‘pyrethrins’ and has re-classified them, moving them from their red list to the GREEN list (Green being the most environmentally friendly).  Flower DS 4EC, uses natural pyrethrum (pyrethrins) as its active.

Flower DS 4EC offers the following benefits:

  • Very good efficacy on a wide spectrum of insects
  • Zero residues after 24 hours. Ideal for export crop needing to conform to M.R.L.’s
  • Suitable for Post Harvest application
  • Very short re-entry period for workers after spraying
  • Low mammalian/human toxicity
  • Suitable for organic farming
  • Zero phytotoxicity on flowers and vegetables



Flower DS 4 EC is manufactured and distributed by Kapi Limited. Only available by direct order from Kapi Limited

For further details please contact:  Winrose on 0710 615 604 or Karisa on 0725 690586

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