Pyrethrum: The foundation of KAPI


What is Pyrethrum?

For those horticultural experts out there, Pyrethrum is derived from the ‘Chrysanthemum Cineraiaefolium’ flower, and for those of you who haven’t got a clue what that means, it essentially looks like a daisy on steroids. Pyrethrum is then made up of pyrethrins which are highly toxic to insects. The pyrethrum content of these flowers increases with altitude and therefore the highlands of Kenya, with their equatorial climate and soil conditions, are absolutely perfect for growing.

Why is it so good?

  • Pyrethrum is a 100% natural product and therefore can be used for certified organic crop production globally (including Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand).
  • It also has an incredibly low mammalian toxicity, which means that it is safe to use around all warm-blooded mammals, and yes that includes humans.
  • Pyrethrum consists of a group of related compounds called esters. The complex nature of the molecule therefore allows for use against a broad spectrum of insects whilst also meaning that there is an incredibly low chance of immunity forming.
  • The pyrethrins are incredibly fast acting, attacking the nervous system of the insects meaning that your worries will be eradicated shortly after they come into contact!
  • Whilst also being an insect killer, it is also an effective repellent, making it the perfect combination for use in the bedroom against mosquitos!
  • Finally, PYRETHRUM IS ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY! The molecule is broken down by sunlight and therefore will leave no residue whatsoever!


How does it work?

The pyrethrins within pyrethrum attack the central nervous system of all types insects. At a low concentration, this affects the insect’s behaviour and creates this ‘avoidance reaction’ leading to a high level of repellency.

As the concentration increases the insects start to lose all control of their normal behaviour which leads to them abandoning their hiding places and enter into a state of hyper-activity. This means that they then come into contact with more of the pyrethrins, which first causes the knock-down effect (a state where the insect cannot function, and flying insects will fall out the sky) before their inevitable and quick death.


Kapi’s Pyrethrum products 

  • Flower Duduspray – a ready to use natural spray for use in the home for all common household insects (mosquitos, cockroaches, ants, house flies, bed bugs etc)
  • Flower Mosquito Sticks – for use indoors and outdoors primarily for killing and repelling mosquitoes
  • Dudu-Krin Original and gentle dog shampoo- for protecting your dogs against ticks, fleas and lice
  • Flower DS 4EC – for use in agriculture against a wide range of agricultural pests. Natural and no residues left in the crop
  • Flower Dust- an agricultural fertiliser with insecticidal properties to kill and repel insects. It leaves no residue whatsoever so is perfect for organic products
  • Mosquito Coils – currently manufactured for export only.

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