KAPI Celebrate International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day

Evelyne Gitari: accounts manager KAPI Limited

International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world, voicing gender equality, and appreciates women’s contribution towards global sustainability with this year’s theme, Gender Equality Today For A Sustainable Tomorrow.

KAPI Limited proudly joins the world in celebrating our smart and hardworking women who form approximately 85% of our staff. They have supported the sustainable growth of our organization, having nurtured it to success with their dedication. We applaud them and every other woman around the globe as we recognize their contribution towards leading the charge on climate change adaptation, mitigation, and response, to build a more sustainable future for all, in their unique way, however small it may seem.

Speaking during KAPI’s International Women’s Day Ceremony, Mr. Ian Shaw, Managing Director, KAPI Limited, reiterated, “Women play a critical role in ensuring that their families’ well-being is taken care of and one way of doing this is by ensuring food safety. It is therefore important to equip them with sufficient knowledge on food nutrition and toxicity in order successfully identify foods with harmful pesticides.”   He further added, “Women make Africa stronger. They form 85% of our personnel because investing in them is not just the right thing to do in contributing to the continent’s development, but they also add a delicate touch to each of our products, putting in dedication into the safety and quality of our products; she works in the fields to ensure our raw materials are delivered to us adhering to the highest standards, in our offices and in our operations. She is an integral part of our distribution networks, providing top notch customer service to our customers. And finally, she is the mother, the gatekeeper of her family, making dietary choices every day to provide the best nourishment and the best future for them.”

KAPI Limited has embraced numerous other efforts towards empowering our women and in creating a conducive work environment for them as well as the well-being of surrounding communities. Yvonne Gitari the accounts manager, echoed his sentiments and praised KAPI for providing a conducive environment for women to excel. Having joined the company over 26 years ago, Evelyne has witnessed KAPI setting policies that provide an environment where women can grow and harness their skills while protecting their best interests.

Women Playing A Critical Role In Achieving Our SDGs (backlink site with SDG here: THE 17 GOALS | Sustainable Development (un.org)

The women of KAPI Limited are fully involved in sustainability practices be it; decision making, planning, research or implementation. Our sustainability practices are a matter of collective responsibility that eventually allow us to live up to our ISO certification standards.

Additionally, women played a major role in implementing the construction of our water facility which has since gained recognition by NAWASCO as the ideal standard business practice.

We also intend to launch our solar project in April, which aims at reducing our electrical consumption by 47 percent, the cost savings will allow us to build more sustainability projects in future, not just to serve our factories but also in giving back to the surrounding communities through sustainable, developmental projects. Investing in women not only yields greater returns but is sustainably transformative for communities, especially those affected by poverty and conflict.

When women and girls are given the opportunity to thrive as decision makers in their communities by providing them with quality education and job opportunities, when we end the plight of social, economic and political exclusion, we will witness a great continent. For every 10 percent of educated and empowered women, a country’s GDP is expected to rise at an average of 3 percent.  We will also witness a new generation of powerful young girls and boys since women dedicate their lives into nurturing their households. With sufficient resources, they reinvest 90 percent of their income into their families, versus only 40 percent from men.

We grow, when women grow, KAPI Limited is an example of this.  We urge all global institutions to invest in women.

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