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Kapi Limited has been manufacturing products with natural pyrethrum since 1964.

We manufacture a range of world class pyrethrum insecticides for use in the home, outdoors, for public health applications and for agricultural spraying

Our pyrethrum products are sold locally, and we export to a number of countries globally.

Pyrethrum is a natural insecticide with very low mammalian toxicity that leaves no chemical residue and is therefore the NATURAL, SAFE & EFFECTIVE choice for use in the home, on your crops and in any area where humans may eat, sleep or play

Pyrethrum is a fascinating molecule. In a world that is fast appreciating the dangers of over-use of chemicals – whether sprayed on our food as it is being grown, or sprayed in our homes by us – pyrethrum is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ answer. Put simply, pyrethrum kills virtually all insects, its not a chemical, it doesn’t leave chemical residues and it causes virtually no harm to humans

At Kapi Limited we have studied pyrethrum for decades. We are passionate about it and feel that we understand pyrethrum just about as well as any people on the planet. Our pyrethrum products are excellent – world class in fact!

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