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Flower Hand Sanitizer Liquid


In these unusual times you can rely on Kapi Limited to produce an outstanding hand sanitizer that will kill any Covid-19 virus on your hands

We have formulated an extremely good hand sanitizer that meets with W.H.O. guidelines and is approved by KeBS. Our formula uses 70% alcohol to give you absolute assurance

Our Hand Sanitizer Liquid range is formulated for use with our Flower Trigger Sprayers. As a liquid you apply it as a fine spray onto your hands or onto surfaces you want to sanitize.

(Please be careful because this product is 70% alcohol and should be tested on a surface before spraying).

We supply either 500ml or 1 litre trigger bottles, and then you buy refill bottles (2 litre and 5 litre) to refill when empty, making it more affordable whilst cutting down on plastic waste


12 x 500ml bottles with trigger sprayers

12 x 1 litre bottles with trigger sprayers

6 x 2 litre refill bottles

1 x 5 litre refill bottle