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Vision 40EC

Vinson 40EC

(40g per litre of pyrethrum) AGRICULTURAL INSECTICIDE

A 100% natural contact insecticide concentrate made with natural pyrethrum (40g per litre of pyrethrum) and natural synergist.

Vinson 40EC is suitable for use in Organic Agriculture conforming to Regulations n° 834/2007 and 889/2008 – Inspected by ECOCERT SA F – 32600

Vinson 40EC offers the following benefits:

  • Very good efficacy on a wide spectrum of insects
  • Zero residues after 24 hours. Ideal for export crop needing to conform to M.R.L.’s
  • Suitable for Post Harvest application
  • Very short re-entry period for workers after spraying
  • Low mammalian/human toxicity
  • Suitable for organic farming
  • Zero phytotoxicity on flowers and vegetables
Vinson 40EC

Dilution rates for application are 0.8ml-1.6ml per litre of water (0.8-1.6lt Vinson 40EC per hectare) dependent on the crop, target insects and level of infestation.

Vinson 40EC is a derivative of Flower DS 4EC, specifically created for the Turkish agricultural market.

This is to demonstrate that we can work with you to register a product with a name suitable for your market whilst using the registration dossier for Flower DS 4EC

This is a world class natural product and is suitable for both conventional and organic farming. Price is highly competitive relative to other pyrethrum insecticides on the market.

Vinson 40EC and Flower DS 4 EC are manufactured by Kapi Limited, Kenya.

Kapi Limited can provide a full dossier including GLP Toxicological & Physical/Chemical Reports to support registration of Flower DS 4EC in your country.

For further information, please contact Ian Shaw at ian@kapiltd.co.ke